iJacking Hannover Finissage, 2018, AR Performance

Photo Credit: Arthur Clay/Virtuale Switzerland

The finnissage program for the iJacking Hannover project blends the real and the virtual into a colourful and multidimensional mix that goes beyond fixed genres: the performance with Beat Toniolo (CHE) "Everyone complains about weather but no one does anything about it" sets the stage for viewing the apocalyptical AR app work "Waters of Acheron" by Mark Skwarek (USA) and its optimistic counterpart "Flarmingos" by Kristin Lucas (USA). While flash presentations on invisible arts are given in public space and live-streamed to a distant and unknown audience, participants are transformed into stage requisites and usurped by the virtual. Participants leave Kroepcke behind with a guided AR tour under the title "AR you experienced?" which lures participants out from flocks of flarmingos, fishes them out of the troubled waters of Acheron, and brings them on a "trip" offering a selection of artworks forged in binary and only visible through the looking glass of the 21st Century: the smart phone. The final moment "Shots in the Park when Dark" at Kunsthalle Faust concludes the finnissage and offers a pallet of "action drinks" ala Jackson Pollock mixed with passion and not ration.

Thanks to Arthur Clay, visionary and collaborator.